Zion Recovery Center Shares Program Details from their Christian Drug Rehab Center

Salt Lake City, Utah – The state of Utah has some of the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse in comparison to the rest of the United States. To help curb these rates and offer hope to afflicted individuals and their families, the Zion Recovery Center is pleased to share information on it’s unique Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility. This facility provides treatment through scientifically proven methods and the remedial influence of faith; a combination that differs from other facilities in the area. 

This Christian Rehab Center has received accreditation from the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). Additionally, the Center has based it’s program around a Christian set of beliefs founded in the healing power of faith. There faith-based programs provide a safe and judgment-free zone for individuals to work through their troublesome issues.

Our Christian Drug Rehab provides long-term treatment plans designed to create lasting results with a Lifetime Guarantee promise (one week tune-up). With small group sizes and a focus on building trust-based relationships with clients, our Christian Treatment Center has changed the trajectory of rehabilitation facilities across the board. The program is also unique in that it allows for spontaneous recreational outings, which are usually held in local outdoor areas. 

While our Christian Rehab Center does design treatment plans that are unique to each individual, the traditional plan follows a 12-step approach that has proven to be effective in many cases. Our Christian Drug Rehab Center is committed to providing low-cost treatment, allowing equal care to all individuals battling addiction and/or mental health. With both inpatient and outpatient options, the facility is capable of providing Christian treatment to a wide variety of clientele. 

Our Christian Recovery Center focuses it’s treatment plans around the hidden struggles that are commonly the root cause of drug and alcohol abuse issues. Our Christian rehab program is led by certified clinicians trained to recognize mental illnesses and potentially traumatic past experiences that may have caused the development of the addiction/mental illness. Clinicians work on designing unique treatment plans for each individual admitted to our Christian drug rehab program and are prepared to treat all underlying issues, not just the addiction.

The facility also provides high levels of accountability. We offer Family Therapy programs to help both the client and the family affected by the addiction to heal together. This specific arrangement works toward bettering communication within the family while working through other issues that may have arisen as a result of the addiction. 

Our Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center has devoted itself to discovering accelerated and proven solutions that will permanently cure the addictive habits of it’s clients. Additional information about our Christian Drug Rehab treatments offered and the admission process can be found on the website or by contacting us directly through a phone call.

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