“21 Questions” is a 5-week life-changing coaching session by Eunique Divination happening on May 21

Eunique Divination is one of the well-known life coaches who specializes in manifestation. She is an expert in assisting others in achieving success through Positive Mindset techniques. Eunique Divination is now offering an empowering event, the 21 Questions programme, for the guidance essential in the journey to success.

Wilmington, DE –  Eunique Grisby, aka, Eunique Divination started her coaching journey in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in HRM. She specializes in transforming people’s lives through her products and services. Eunique Divination is known for her top-notch coaching processes to help people overcome mindset obstacles in gaining success. She makes sure to guide people in the best way with her social, spiritual and emotional development sessions. Eunique Divination always comes up with programmes for people battling different life obstacles during their success journey. Like always, she is now going to conduct a live five weeks Shadow work program, live on Instagram to change people’s lives.


Mental peace and stability are important to overcome problems people face during their struggling period. On May 21, a memorable session, 21 Questions, will take place on Instagram at 5 PM Eastern Time. This life-changing session will be held online. This 5-week program is open to everyone without any registration fee. Eunique Divination conducted various guidance and motivational sessions in the past, and more than 100 people took advice for their success journey.

The 21 Questions programme suits everyone seeking guidance for toxic behaviours and things holding them back. Coachings by Eunique Divination are one solution for all the emotional, spiritual and social problems coming along the way. With empowering sessions, Eunique Divination also launched a “Money Attraction Soap”. This Money soap is excellent for boosting overall prosperity and helps in specific financial objectives. People can use this soap before meditating or performing a spell or ritual. This unique soap also prepares any money attraction spells customers want to do. The soap has a sweet and earthy scent.

One of the spokespeople Eunique Divination, says, “I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in Human resources. I am currently working as a Doctorate of Human Services. I help people change how they think about their life problems to have a successful life. I am a Life Coach who specializes in Manifestation and Positive Mindset techniques. With various products and services, I am assisting people in discovering who they are on a soul level, self-love and manifestation power.”

About Eunique Divination:
Eunique Divination is one of the renowned coaches in Wilmington, working dedicatedly to helping people overcome their fears and life problems. Her sessions are always loved because of the manifestation and life-changing techniques necessary to succeed. Like her previous sessions, Eunique Divination is now going to conduct an empowering live program with other expert coaches to transform the lives of many people. Eunique Divination inspires and motivates others to be successful after overcoming obstacles.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Eunique Divination
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone No: 302.650.9317
Country: United States
Website Url: https://eunique-divination.business.site/

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