Lucky Penny Candles Introduces Custom Photo Candle Option

Personal candle pioneers offer an easy way to make a lasting impression.

VENICE, FL, August 1, 2022 — Lucky Penny Candles is proud to announce the latest enhancement to its popular custom candle service. Customers are now able to include photographs along with the custom messages and choice of fragrance that have made Lucky Penny a resounding success across North America.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture gracing personalized gift is worth even more. Lucky Penny customers can now embrace their creativity and create meaningful gifts for family and friends with a custom photo and written message on a handmade, eco-friendly candle.

Some gifts are fleeting reminders that it’s the thought that counts. Personalized candles continue to remind us that we are valued every time we light the wick. And the sentiment lasts even after the wax burns out: empty candle jars can be upcycled into beautiful and useful vases or containers.

Building a personalized photo candle on the Lucky Penny website is quick and easy. Customers can add any photo they choose and add any message they wish, just by following three simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose a fragrance and lid

  3. Add a custom photo and write a message for your recipient to treasure

Interview with Hollywood Actor ⭐️ Michael-John Wolfe on the Wolfe Den Show.

Lucky Penny’s new customization options do not change the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability in their long-lasting, clean-burning candles. “Our photo candles meet the same stringent criteria for sustainability as the rest of our line,” says company founder Dom Leroux. “Lucky Penny Candles are made and labeled by hand in the USA using soy blend wax, non-toxic fragrances, and cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Every one of our products is free from hazardous chemicals and substances.”

To learn more about how to order the perfect gift, please visit Lucky Penny Candles’ website or follow @LuckyPennyCandles on Instagram for more information about personalized photo candles.


About Lucky Penny Candles:

Lucky Penny Candles creates unique, personalized, and eco-friendly handmade candles for every occasion in the United States. Customers can order personalized candles through Lucky Penny’s online store.

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